HULK 10R BEAM ITALIANO – Moving Head Lights

Main advantages: 1, advanced scanning technology, the use of three-phase motor, more rapid, smooth, stable 2, a new appearance design, superb manufacturing process 3, unique running position automatic error correction function 4, powerful RDM two-way control technology 5, monitoring lamp usage time, no DMX signal light bulb automatically reduce power function 6, over-temperature, Overcurrent intelligent protection, longer life of lamps

  • Input voltage: AC100-250V 50/60Hz
  • Rated power: [email protected]
  • Light source specification: 280W high-display finger bulb
  • Color: 8000K
  • Light-out angle: 2 degrees
  • Colour disk: 1 colour disk, 13 colours and white light, can achieve the half-colour effect
  • Picture plate: 1 fixed pattern plate, 14 patterns and white holes
  • Permeable: 1 light-out lens, 1 focusing lens
  • Prism: 1 x prism and 1 x prism, can be combined and superimposed, can be rotated in both directions
  • Color Iris Mirror: 1 Rainbow Mirror for Seven Rainbow Effects
  • Atomization mirror: 1 set of soft-light atomization effect mirrors
  • Focusing: Electronic Focusing
  • Strobe: Mechanical strobe, 0-20 times/s, adjustable speed
  • Dimming: mechanical gate dimming
  • Water level: horizontal scanning angle 540 degrees (16bit precision scanning), with automatic error correction reset function
  • Vertical: Vertical scan angle 270 degrees (16bit precision scanning), with automatic error correction reset function
  • Control channel: 2 control channels 17/15
  • Control Protocol: DMX512 Protocol, RDM Bidirectional Control Technology
  • Communication interface: three-core Cannon interface (optional five-core Cannon interface)
  • Control mode: self-walk mode, DMX mode, voice mode, master-to-master mode, manual mode
  • Menu display: LCD LCD display, Chinese and English menu, can be rotated upside down with gravity sensing
  • Protection: high-temperature automatic protection bulb;
  • Connect: Input power supply in series function (can be connected within 5 units)
  • Equipment information: lamp operation information feedback function
  • Working environment: Indoor use
  • Cooling mode: Forced air cooling
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Net weight: 14.7KG


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